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The School Library’s Role in High School Dropout Prevention: TL as dropout recovery worker

I was so excited to read  earlier this semester that there is definitive proof of a TLs positive impact on high school dropout prevention.  I wrote in my final response for the School Library Management Reading assignment,

The most eye-opening idea from the discussion was regarding the extent to which an effective school library program can impact at-risk students, such as what was expressed by Gavigan and Kurtis (2010) and Jones and Zambone (2008).  These findings were especially revelatory and relevant to the work that I currently do with at-risk young adults and adults; specifically, if a strong library media program and TL have a greater impact on student achievement than per pupil spending and student teacher ratio (Lance, 2002), than my adult school in Los Angeles which serves some of the most marginalized students in the city, surely can make an argument for introducing a school library program on our campus. This would be the first adult school library program in California and in the US as far as I know.  How invigorating!

So this begs the question, how many alternative schools and dropout prevention programs consider the input of a TL?  


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