Even though fellow SJSU library student Nicole Ogden expresses some concerns about her busy and chaotic library, I can’t help but feel consumed with envy of her glorious space –  where students can find a workshop of sorts, to do research, use computers, work on projects or study all under one roof and with open access at anytime throughout the school day.  Rereading this – it is the definition of a 21st century library.  I would love to have this type of space for students on my campus!  As it stands now, there are few places, other than the cafeteria and the outdoor tables in front of the school, for students to congregate to study, or to connect with their fellow students in between classes.  Students make requests all the time, “Isn’t there a place on campus where I can go to study?” as if our school has something missing.  Students want a space to get away from their everyday life where they can all at once focus on the their studies, bounce ideas off of their peers, access technology and resources, while surrounded by others.  Learning and studying is not a solitary activity in the kind of library Nicole describes. And that probably is the best way for the library to serve the campus.


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