Digital Literacy


I had not thought about approaching digital media and literacy skills through digital storytelling, until I read about it on fellow student, Alan Phelps, blog post Final Thoughts on Digital Storytelling.  It is so true that stories move us and what an exciting way for students to engage in an artistic endeavor, as well as practice language and communication skills that culminates in a digital story.  EdTechTeacher, Samantha Morra, reminds us that digital storytelling is an opportunity for our students to be creators and not simply consumers of content.  By focusing on digital media skills, you can facilitate creativity, promote good storytelling skills and engage digital media techniques.
Another thing to consider is that the oral tradition of storytelling is thought-provoking and empowering.  The County of San Mateo Health & Recovery Services advertises their annual event Honoring the Journey Through the Power of Digital Storytelling, highlighting the restorative power of storytelling.  Edutopia blogger, Sara Burnett, writes about teaching empathy through digital storytelling, particularly around stories of immigration.  Since I work with adults who have overcome a lot of obstacles to finally return to school, this type of project would be a powerful way for students to talk about their experiences and further develop their resiliency and coping skills.  Students sometimes feel intimidated to share their personal histories, but it is a valuable soft skill;  to know when and where to share, or to know how much to share depending on the situation.   


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